The All New Interstate!

Here’s what to expect from the brand spanking new version of Interstate.

Reworked Roadmaps

With roadmaps being our pride and joy it was about time they were made even greater. The new roadmap UI brings brand new ways to manage your roads and we’ve also added a few new features to help you organize your items even easier, such as item labels. We’ve also improved our support for attachments, roadmap sorting and pretty much everything else roadmap related!

Full-On Discuss

Discuss is a feature that has been around since our last major release but it’s never really lived up to its potential. Up until now, Discuss was just a simple tab on your roadmap which would allow you to discuss that roadmap with your colleagues. We noticed this wasn’t getting much use or at least wasn’t being utilized in the way that we initially planned.

In the new Interstate, we’ve changed Discuss to be a stand-alone feature, which will be accessed via your Interstate’s navigation. You will now have the option to discuss roadmaps, groups or roads, speak directly to a team mate or just setup a general chat for whatever you want. Within discussions about roads you can update their status and progress without even leaving the room. You can also attach files directly to the chat room for colleagues to see or even embed external services such as YouTube videos or Dribbble shots.


You can now quickly navigate around your Interstate using our all-in-one search. Search for projects and people or if you’re viewing a roadmap use it to filter the roadmap’s contents. You can even input someone’s name to view items assigned to them. Search will only get more powerful as Interstate grows.

Enhanced Embedding

It’s certainly something which sets Interstate apart from its fellow project management applications. Embedding up until now has been simply allowing you to embed and share your entire roadmap, anywhere you want. That’s all well and good but we feel embedding has a greater potential than just providing a general overview of progress.

So instead of just being able to embed a full roadmap, you can now also embed groups or roads on their own - perfect for sharing progress of a single item with your colleagues or users outside of Interstate.

We’ve been wanting this feature for a while now ourselves to let us to explain feature development on our blog in more detail. Here’s a quick example of item embedding using only two lines of code!

We’ve also improved the look of the original two themes and added a brand new one which matches the new interface of Interstate. Hopefully they’ll all please your lovely eyes. Not forgetting of course, you can still design your own theme to fit in with your brand.

Interstate Goes Real-time

Overview has had a bit of an upgrade with our new real-time functionality. You will now see all the things happening on your Interstate, as they happen. On top of that, the new sidebar will now tell you exactly where your team are on Interstate (if they’re online), even telling you what they’re doing it as they’re doing it.

When managing your projects, you’ll now also see your colleagues changes right as they happen, providing an even better management experience.

Another cool addition is toast/growl notifications. These helpful little guys will tell you when a change you’ve made has been successful, when someone has updated a project and/or its contents and even alert you when you’re mentioned in a Discuss chat.

GitHub Integration, More Gitty

Up until now our only GitHub integration has been to pull in your commits and display them on your Overview. Somewhat handy but not at all want we’d like from GitHub integration. In the new Interstate you can attribute commits directly to roads with relative ease.

When posting a commit simply provide the road’s name or ID in two square brackets before your commit message and the commit message will be posted to the road as an update. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

[Archived Items] Just finished up some interface work.

There’s a whole lot more we won’t go into detail about on the blog, you should really try it out by visiting the new Interstate!

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